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As concerns of spreading coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continue to cause companies to re-think their communications, High Output Brighton’s Studio 86 offers solutions. Host your meeting, conference, talk etc., at our studio virtually for your audience to view safely and effectively.

Located 5 miles from downtown Boston, Studio 86 includes a 1,872 square foot studio with adjoining production office and make-up room. High speed complimentary wi-fi, an extensive studio package with scenic elements, lighting, and a/v equipment are all part of your studio rental. Our production staff has isolated control from the studio room to avoid unnecessary contact and clients have drive in parking. Have a specific look you’re going for? We can accommodate for virtually any set-up.

Studio 86 at High Output Brighton
Studio 86 at High Output Brighton

In our HD web streaming studio we can produce a high quality and engaging video experience for your viewers.  Our facility is equipped to produce a broadcast with HD cameras, graphics, pre-produced video content, and remote presenters via online video conferencing. These productions can be sent to any internet or television destination that your production requires (your website, Youtube, Facebook, etc.)  Our facility is fully outfitted with all of the equipment you need to go live right now.

Contact us today to get started on your video streaming services at Studio 86:

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Learn more about High Output’s stream/conference capabilities at one of our studios or a remote location:

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