Versatility is the Name of the Game with the Joker Line of Lighting

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Whether you need a small beam of hard light in the background, or a nice, soft key light in a lantern or Softbank, the jokers can do it all.

I am excited to be writing my first HighOutput@Rule “Bright Ideas” blog post about some of my favorite lighting tools. The K5600 Joker line offers a large amount of versatility in a little package. Great things really do come in small packages! K5600 — and now High Output — offer 4 different models as part of the joker line.

The 400w and the 800w are the most versatile of all because the technician set them up as a traditional par fixture using lenses to focus the beam. One can “bug” them by removing the reflector so that they can go into a Softbank or lantern and completely fill it out, one can utilize the bug-a-beam adapter to put the head inside of an ellipsoidal body which provides a sharp, focused beam or a bright pattern through a gobo, and, lastly, one can create a long, soft even source with the soft tube.

Joker has recently released the 1600w version. This is a nice, compact fixture with a huge amount of light. It’s a great tool for shoots that take place in small spaces that require a lot of light.

Versatility is the name of the game with the joker line. You can bug them, diffuse them, and focus them. It’s the lighting world’s multi-purpose tool.

Come see the Jokers up close during our Showroom Demo at Rule Boston Camera on Wednesday, August 26th from 12n to 1pm. RSVP:

Thank you for reading!! Interested in renting one or more of the Jokers? Contact me by email at or phone at 617-277-2200 x311 (or 800-rule-com).

-Alison Cupples, Lighting Specialist,


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