The Transition to LED

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When deciding what new equipment to add to our inventory, High Output takes power consumption, light output, and maintenance among other features into consideration. We’ve added some powerful LED options to our warehouse for all of your theatre, film, and photography needs.

The Lycian Zot LED 350 watt follow spot is a game changer with its single very quiet fan and no lamp to need changing. The Zot can be positioned in-house instead of needing to be in a spot booth as there is not enough noise to be an interference as with incandescent spots. Other highlight features include a five-color boomerang for your choice of gel colors, forward leaning yoke, and fine focus control. This follow spot comes on a tripod with wheels for maximum durability and movement. Learn MoreIf you’re looking for an LED fixture more suited for film and photography, a great choice is the newly-introduced Aadyntech JAB Quad variable. With a power consumption of only 1,300 watts and an output of 120,000 lumens, this powerful LED generates an impressive even field of daylight, tungsten or variable (from 2900-5700 kelvin) light. Control this fixture with the built-in interface or via wired or wireless DMX. Learn More

High Output co-founder and COO Jim Hirsch explains:

“High Output is proud to be one of the first lighting companies to introduce Aadyntech’s new line of powerful softlights.  The JAB Quad is only 18 x 24” and when set at 4500k has as much output as an Arri S360. High CRI, variable color and tint in a compact outdoor rated fixture. Tools like this redefine what is possible with smaller crews and budgets.”

Both the Lycian Zot LED follow spot and JAB Quad variable are available for rent now! Contact us at 781-364-1800 or

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