Tech Talk Tuesdays Fog, Haze, & Dry Ice: What’s the Diff?

Fog, Haze, & Dry Ice: What’s the Diff?

Atmospheric effects can add an extra flare of excitement to a light design, but choosing the correct type can sometimes be unclear, almost foggy. Perhaps your ideas of these different effects are pretty hazy. The low rising foggy decision on which machine to pick may take so long that the creative juices run out.

On February 28, 2017, guests joined us at our studios in Canton for a discussion on the differences between these atmospheric effects and how each provides its own unique distinctness to a production. We had all our foggers, hazers, and dry ice machines setup for attendees to play with!

Missed the event? In conjunction with this month’s Tech Talk Tuesdays event, we filmed demos of many of our foggers and hazers! View a playlist of the videos below!

Event Photos