Strand Theatre

Dorchester, MA

The Strand Theatre, a well-known landmark in Dorchester, Massachusetts, was built in 1918 to serve as a magnificent movie and vaudeville house. It was forced to close its doors in the late 1960’s due to disrepair, but in the early 70s The City of Boston obtained the theatre and began extensive renovations. The newly renovated, 1,400-seat Strand Theatre reopened in 1979, and has since served the community as a beautiful and historic arts space and cultural center.

High Output has worked with the Strand Theatre for many years. We provide the venue with many services, including equipment rentals, on-site event set-up, staffing, and equipment maintenance. High output also works with the theatre’s management to perform upgrades and assist with their design plans.

The Strand project required the integration of a state-of-the-art lighting and audio system into the historic theatre, while carefully maintaining the architectural integrity of the venue. The plans included the construction of a brand new dimmer and audio rack room beneath the stage, as well as the placement of color-coordinated speakers suspended above the proscenium arch and in eight locations below the balconies.

For this project, High Output stepped into the role of installation contractor and successfully installed a state of the art theatrical lighting and performance audio system. The Strand Theatre serves as a cultural and educational resource to all artists and all audiences. The Strand’s mission is the development and implementation of youth arts education programs with a commitment to the surrounding communities of Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan, MA. The massive restoration efforts over the years have enabled the Strand to continue with this mission and maintain its historic glory.


40ETC 436 Ellipsoidal 750w - 36°
30ETC 426 Ellipsoidal 750w - 26°
30ETC 419 Ellipsoidal 750w - 19°
24ETC PAR-EA Par Washlight - Multi-Lens
24ElectraLite LED 1018 Par LED Washlight
7Altman GC-8 4-Circuit Ground Cyc Washlight
5L&E 6580 MR-16 4-Circuit Borderlight
2ETC SP3-96 Sensor 3 Large Touring Dimmer Racks
1ETC Ion 1000 Control Console w/2x10 Fader Wing
ETC Ion 2000 RPU Remote Processor
1Soundcraft FOH RW5756C Mixing Console w/Optical Card
1Soundcraft RW5786CO Stage Rack w/Optical Link
1Soundcraft RW5787CO Local Rack w/Optical Link
1Soundcraft RS2415SP Breakout Box
2LabGruppen C88: 4 4-Channel Amplifier
3LabGruppen C28: 4 4-Channel Amplifier
1LabGruppen C16: 4 4-Channel Amplifier
1LabGruppen C20: 8x 8-Channel Amplifier
1Tannoy VQ100 Loudspeaker
2Tannoy VQ60 Loudspeaker
1Tannoy VQ 85DF Loudspeaker Down Fill
2Tannoy VQ 64DF Loudspeaker Down Fill
3Tannoy VQ MB Loudspeaker Mid Bass
4Tannoy VX8.2 Loudspeaker, Type 3
8Tannoy VX5.2 Loudspeaker, Type 4
4EAW MW10 Stage Monitors


Annese Electrical Services – installation assistance
Sachs Morgan Studio – lighting design
Acentech – audio design

HO Team Leaders

David Seneca
Gabriel Profumo