Port of Entry

Charleston Visitor’s Center

The Charleston Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (CACVB) manages all aspects of the Charleston, South Carolina travel industry. They handle the city’s media outreach and coordination, marketing and publicity, and all visitor services. The bureau also runs the Charleston Visitor’s Center, a prime destination for tourists gather travel-related suggestions and learn about the history of the city.

In 2007, CACVB decided they wanted a way to incorporate cutting-edge technology into their visitor center, so they contacted Boston-based creative media production company Talisman Media to design and install a new attraction. Talisman created a unique plan that would integrate a state-of-the-art A/V system with an existing floor map, highlighting the intersection of new and old technologies. They then contracted High Output to make their plans a reality.

Together with Talisman, High Output engineered and installed a complex system of kiosks, screens, projectors, and computers to create a user-friendly and technologically advanced interactive guide entitled “Port of Entry.” The system projects directly on top of the existing floor map to create an engrossing transformative effect.

The project was a great achievement and, as stated by CACVB chairman Rick Mosteller, successfully accomplished “the wedding of 19th-century history with 21st-century technology!”