Horace Mann Auditorium

Bridgewater State University

The Horace Mann Auditorium is located inside Boyden Hall on the west campus Bridgewater State University. The auditorium was built in 1928 and updated in the late 1940s, so it was in desperate need of a renovation.

The college’s architect originally planned to hire several different vendors to complete his plans. However, upon discussing his ideas with the High Output team, he was so impressed that he awarded the entire installations contract to High Output.

The project included installing audio, lighting, rigging, and draping systems, and was not without its challenges. The old building needed new wiring throughout the walls, which were covered in beautiful hand-painted murals. The High Output team was able to carefully work around the murals and other historic structures to successfully meet all of the venue’s needs. In addition, High Output’s lead technician on the project noticed during construction that water damage from the leaky roof might have compromised the beams, making them unable to support new rigging. Further investigation by the architect and construction team proved this observation to be correct. High Output was able to solve this problem by installing steal beams to support the rigging, which was already part of the original plan. As a result, in addition to a secure rigging system, the theater now has a safer and stronger reinforced roof.

High Output was able to smoothly fulfill all of the university’s requests, and today the Horace Mann Auditorium is a state-of-the-art performance venue that can also be used as a classroom space, movie theater, concert hall, and lecture hall.