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Movin’ Easy With The Dana Dolly!

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niagara1High Output is pleased to welcome the Dana Dolly to our rental inventory! It is designed for the times where you just want to do a little 6′ to 8′ dolly move without a lot of setup. The Dana Dolly can be used with a variety of track options, and can be supported using standard junior stands, apple boxes, or the ground – whatever the shot requires.

Dana DollyPerfect for a range of situations, the Dana Dolly is a great solution for adding production value to your shoot. The dolly is designed to be flexible, affordable, and easy to set up. Designed by a key grip with over 20 years of experience in all types of production, the design is both simple and practical. The Mitchell Mount can take all types of camera heads with included adapters. The sixteen- wheel design with floating trucks provides a smooth glide. The track ends and center support can use any 1 1/4″ round rigid material as track allowing for extra flexibility in equipment orders!

The Dana Dolly is made in the USA of 6061 aluminum with a black finish to cut down on reflectivity. The bottom of the plate is milled out to cut down on overall weight while not compromising strength. The wheels are custom made and turned to within 1/1000 of an inch to eliminate bounce. The turning process and special wheel bearings compliment each other to give a very smooth squeak-free move with any size camera. The High Output kit ships in a single pelican case and includes Dana Dolly, 2-track ends, brackets for attaching to pipe and 100mm & 75mm bowl adapters. You can specify pipe lengths for track from us, or provide your own! The kit is available for immediate rentals!

To arrange for a rental, obtain a sales quote, or just get more information, please call our Film + Television department today at 781.364.1891!

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