29th Annual Cultural Rhythms Festival

In February 2014, designers and technicians at High Output created the lighting for Cultural Rhythms, a multicultural dance, music, and performance festival at Harvard University. The show was produced by the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations, and featured LL Cool J as guest emcee. High Output also provided equipment, management, and logistical support for the event, which took place at Sanders Theater in Cambridge.

“The 29th Annual Cultural Rhythms greatly benefited from High Output’s expertise… the lighting of the show was the best it had been in years! The performances of groups – whom we’d seen rehearse several times – appeared brand new. The design and execution were so perfected that Harvard Foundation staff and I were able to understand the significance of lighting: it gave new life to the entire production.”Aubrey Walker, co-director

Two high school students from Boston Public Schools worked on High Output’s crew, running the followspots and lighting control system for the show. In addition to their work on the show, the interns completed workshops on the physics and optics of lighting fixtures, LED lighting, and computer programming for lighting control systems. The students also were able to interview members of the cast and crew, including LL Cool J himself!

“The High Output internship program was very easy for us to participate in. In fact, with such hardworking and passionate high school interns and a mission-focused lighting company, it was the smoothest working relationship that I’ve established at the Foundation.”Aubrey Walker, co-director