High Output Stocks Up On Kino Flo Products!

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For years you’ve trusted High Output to provide you with Kino Flo products from our vast inventory of rental equipment. What you may not realize is that we also offer the same quality equipment for purchase! Now we’ve made it even easier to buy Kino Flo by adding more kits, fixtures, and accessories to our sales inventory. The Diva-Lite 401 Kit, the Tegra 4Bank Kit, and the Celeb 200 DMX LED Kit are great examples of why Kino Flo continues to be a pioneer in innovative lighting technology.

Kino Flo Diva-Lite 401
The portable Diva-Lite 401 Kit has become a popular fixture for location work. It boasts a modular design, and full-range dimming, switching, and remote control features. Additionally, all Diva-Lites can go from nighttime to daytime interiors by switching True Match tungsten for daylight quality lamps.

Kino Flo Tegra 4Bank
The Tegra 4Bank combines the features of the 4ft 4Bank portable system, with the onboard control features of the Diva-Lite 401. It produces as much light as a 1000w tungsten softlight, but uses only about a third of the power.

Kino Flo Celeb 200 DMX LED
Finally, the Celeb 200 DMX LED is the LED fixture that lighting professionals have been waiting for. It has the color and light quality that is synonymous with the Kino Flo name, all wrapped up in an LED. It features dial-in variable color temperature control (full-range dimming and programmable 2700K – 5500K presets) and the light levels do not change when selecting Kelvin settings. The Celeb reproduces color faithfully, and its 100 Watts of soft, lustrous white light does not flicker or shift color temperature when dimmed.

If you are interested in these units, or any other Kino Flo product, give us a call or stop by our showroom to try them out. High Output is a fully licensed Kino Flo dealer and we’re proud to offer you a wide array of Kino Flo products and accessories for rental or sale!

For more information or to obtain a quote, please call our Film + Television department today at 781.364.1891!

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