LXKey Keyboard for ETCnomad EOS

High Output Portland Now Stocks the LXKey for EOS

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High Output Portland is excited to announce that we now carry the new LXKey | EOS, a specialized keyboard for the ETC NOMAD EOS lighting console.

According to the manufacturer, the LXKey for EOS “was designed by a regular Nomad user searching for a durable, affordable alternative to other solutions, but that would still fit alongside a laptop in a carry-on bag.” The keyboard is fast, portable, and easy to use!


  • Familiar Layout – The LXKey is designed to closely emulate the ETC consoles you know and love. Colored keys are used to group familiar functions while remaining compact
  • 120 High Quality Keys – (Technically 128, but 120 are populated)
  • Cherry MX Mechanical Switches – The LXKey|EOS uses Cherry MX mechanical keys with ergonomic tactile feedback intended to withstand intensive use
  • Internal USB Hub – The keyboards have an internal two port USB hub, which is ideal for your Nomad software protection dongle and facilitates use of a USB LED gooseneck lamp
  • Future Proof – The manufacturer is committed to supporting LXKey keyboards, and they can be updated to take advantage of future developments in the EOS software.
  • Portable – The LXKey|EOS is 12.95 x 8.74 x 1.65in and weighs around 2.43lbs

For more information or to request a quote, please email JP Gagnon at JPGagnon@highoutput.com.

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