High Output is on the Road with Exciting New Grip Trucks

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When you think of High Output, we hope you think of us for all of your lighting, grip and production needs! We can supply lighting and grip for anything from a small one light shoot to a major motion picture or large commercial shoot. In order to move all of this gear around to your locations, we’ve developed a large logistics and transportation department. With a total fleet of over 20 vehicles making over 2,500 runs a year, we’re out on the road, bringing our gear to you!

With nearly 130,000 pieces of gear in our inventory, we need a way to get these pieces to you day or night! In order to do so most effectively, we’re constantly striving to keep our vehicles up to date and ready to hit the road! We recently acquired a new stake bed truck. This 2013 truck has a 14’ bed, a cargo capacity of 9,500 lbs, and most importantly, will tow any of our generator trailers! We also have a new tractor in our fleet. This International tractor boasts an 1800 amp on-board genny and aluminum rims! Look for us on the road!

These newest additions only add to our existing fleet of trucks, used for both transportation and production needs onsite as grip trucks and trailers. Our grip trucks range from 1 ton to 10 ton, all outfitted with an array of equipment and perishables for your use onsite. Our trailers can be seen around town on the sets of various features. We recently built out a trailer per the client’s specifications to be used as a prop trailer too!

Not only do we strive to offer a wide range of trucks and transportation, we try to do it in the greenest way possible. The majority of our trucks are now operating on clean diesel systems which have been proven to significantly improve air quality. Even better, since 2011 our fleet has included a 26’, 33,000 pound diesel electric hybrid. Watch us cruise right by that fueling station!

As we continue to expand to serve our customer’s needs, we’re proud to be on the road serving New England’s film and commercials! Be it a roll of tape or 3 semis worth of gear, we have a vehicle to deliver your gear to you! Please give us a wave if you see us on the road!

For more information or to book a job, please call our Film + Television Department at 781.364.1891!

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