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High Output is stocked up with exciting new technology!

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We’ve made some huge additions to our inventory recently! Below is just a small sample of the new gear available in our rental catalog. To learn more about our recent purchases or to request a quote, please contact your local High Output account manager or email!

  • Chroma-Q Space Force LED Space Light with Yoke

    A modern LED replacement for the conventional space light! It’s silent, also great as a wash fixture, and offers versatility with both stand and hanging mounting! LEARN MORE

  • ETC Source Four LED Series 2 Daylight HD

    Beautiful output and a clean field, with built-in color correction and no dimmers needed! The Series 2 Daylight HD is a flicker free fixture, making it great for TV and film work. LEARN MORE

  • Martin Rush Par 2 Zoom RGBW

    A bright single-lens LED par with an incredible 10° – 60° zoom range, all via DMX! Fully premixed color from 12 RGBW LEDs and a very clean dimming curve. LEARN MORE

  • Arri SkyPanel S60-C LED Softlight

    An ultra-bright LED soft light with an incredible 115° spread! High CRI and TLCI ratings allow for very natural rendition of skin tones. This versatile fixture is continuously variable from 2,800K to 10,000K AND offers full RBGW color mixing! LEARN MORE

  • Sneak Snake – 4x DMX over CAT5e Snake System

    Create cleaner lighting rigs and eliminate heavy DMX bundles! The Sneak Snake converts four DMX lines to a single Neutrik etherCON connector to “sneak” multiple universes over one thin cable! LEARN MORE

  • GrandMA2 onPC Command Wing

    Full GrandMA functionality with a simple USB connection to any laptop or PC running GrandMA2! LEARN MORE

  • Elation SIXPAR 200IP RGBWA+UV

    A weatherproof LED par! This flicker free fixture is IP65 rated and has excellent color mixing options thanks to RGBAW+UV LEDs. LEARN MORE

  • ETC ColorSource Par Deep Blue

    No more scrollers needed! This LED par is small, lightweight, and provides deep saturated colors without compromising intensity. LEARN MORE

  • ETC Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr

    An incredibly versatile theatre light that replaces a traditional 575w leko with a scroller, the Series 2 Lustr has beautiful color mixing and an even field. No dimmers needed! LEARN MORE

  • ETC Source Four Mini LED 5000k

    A little light with a big punch! This fixture can be mounted almost anywhere (a great solution for low ceilings) and can be built into sets or architectural features. LEARN MORE

  • Aladdin Bi-Flex 2 – 100W 1’x2′

    This flexible and low profile unit is incredibly bright and offers bi-color versatility! It’s so light that it can be mounted virtually anywhere, and it can be DMX controlled! LEARN MORE

  • ETC ColorSource Spot

    ETC’s unique mix of red, green, blue and lime LED emitters allows for an amazing range of color and depth. Budget friendly and works with all Source Four accessories! LEARN MORE

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