High Output Finds Itself in Brighton!

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Alison Cupples here to bring you some really exciting news!

I am so excited to finally be able to tell everyone about the project that has consumed me over the past couple of months. In addition to our shop in Canton that will continue be the stronghold it has become over the past 15 years, you will now be able to visit High Output much closer to the center of the city at our new Brighton location! We hope that this will better serve our entire production community in the area, whether you are south of Boston, north of Boston, or in the city itself. The new office is located at 86 Lincoln Street, Brighton, MA 02135, and we are thrilled to be back in our old Allston/Brighton neighborhood!

I have been hard at work bringing new life into this building. About a month ago, I started working out of this office and had some humble beginnings working with my laptop in my lap in a folding camping chair. One day the painter brought over an upside down painting bucket so I had a spot to put down my coffee and cell phone. As the work continued and it started to look more like High Output, I was able to get some better accommodations! Before I knew it, we had a nice fresh coat of blue paint, a new carpet and some pallet shelving for our warehouse. We are still putting on the finishing touches, but it is starting to feel like we have a show room and shop ready to help all of our clients. Equipment has begun arriving and our shelves will soon be full. We have all the tools you will need – LEDs, HMI, a new Fisher 11, soft goods, rigging, gel, tape, and lamps ready and waiting on our shelves to make your next project a success. I am ready to see some friendly faces in the new office and finally have some company!

Come by and check out the new showroom! Give me a call at number you may remember, 617-787-4747, or email me at acupples@highoutput.com. Javier Martinez and I will be on site to assist you with any rentals, sales, guidance, and friendly banter. We will be open from 8:30AM until 5:00PM Monday through Friday, and I cannot wait to welcome you.


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