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High Output has a wide selection of UV lights, fog and haze effects, strobes, and LEDs perfect for your Halloween project. Add UV lights to highlight props in your video, fog effects to give that eerie feeling to your scene, strobes to scare guests at your party, or LEDs to add a creepy mood to your photos.

Chauvet Ovation P-56UV LED Par

This virtually silent par produces a flat, even field of true UV light with minimal projected visibility via a homogenized, single-source LED. Interchangeable lens plates are included for wide beam angles and the unit accepts standard 7.5” beam shaping accessories. The Ovation P-56UV features extremely smooth 16-bit dimming, as well as RDM and PWM for set-up ease.


Elation Antari DarkFX UV Wash 2000

An efficient high output, low power consumption UV LED wash panel with minimum visible light. This ensures all UV reactive materials, art, amusement park displays, and signage reflects perfectly with stunning bright and vivid colors.

Antari M-7 RGBA

This fog machine uses LEDs to allow for color mixing. Add a pop of color to go along with your fog effect. This machine can be run through DMX or manually and has a built-in DMX wireless receiver. You can point the M-7 in almost any direction which makes it an easy choice for any space.


Antari HZ-1000 Haze Machine

A powerful, oil based, true compressor pro-tour hazer effect machine. With the option of single or twin-compressor modes, this exceptional hazer can be used in a range of venues. The color touch panel makes it instinctive and easy when setting.  The built-in turbo fan not only brings the haze higher and farther, it also enables the hazer to create drier haze with minimum residues. A large fluid tank and easy-to-see liquid level indication window both help make sure the show must go on!

Martin Atomic 3000

A powerful and rugged, 3000W high-impact strobe. The Atomic is dimmable from 0-100%. Flash duration is controllable and for ultimate flexibility and variety of effect, variable adjustment of flash rate (20ms to 2 seconds) and flash intensity is possible. The Atomic 3000 DMX is both intense and intelligent. DMX controllable, it employs a smart, integrated heat control that eliminates the need for cool down time.

Martin Detonator

An optional, dedicated remote control tool for easy command of the Atomic 3000 DMX strobe’s flash rate and intensity. It includes “blinder effect” and “single flash” detonator buttons as well as a chase/synchronization toggle switch. Easy to set up and operate, the Atomic Detonator requires no external power source.

Astera Titan Tubes

The ultimate LED tube for any creative person. It emits powerful, tunable white with ultra-high color rendering as well as colored light which can be applied to individual pixels or the whole tube. The tube offers unlimited range of usage; indoor or outdoor, AC-powered or on battery, on the go with the AsteraApp, with wired or wireless DMX.

Firefly Floppy Flex (LED Neon)

A safe, low voltage, DIY, easy to install, lineal long life lighting system that can be simply bent to whatever your design requires, for both indoors and out! LED Neon is perfect for lighting ceilings, floors, walls, back lighting Perspex or glass, outlining buildings, film and stage sets, music festivals, concerts, and signs!

These items are available to rent now! Contact us at 1-800-787-4747 or rentals@highoutput.com

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