Studio C

2400 square foot studio space in Canton, MA.



  • 40′ x 60′ (2,400 square feet)
  • 24.5′ working height
  • Make-up / Wardrobe room
  • Production/Client Office
  • Multi-line phone system
  • Drive in access (10′ high x 8′ wide roll-up door)
  • Complementary high-speed wireless (and wired) internet access included
  • 200 Amp 3-phase dedicated power distribution

Studio C Package:




248”x48” Flop Down Solid11200a 3ph “Studio Box”15k Fresnel (w/BD and Scrims)
248”x48” Open Trace Frame260a 110v “Woodhead”42k Fresnel (w/BD and Scrims)
1Set of Dots + Fingers5Cam FFM Solid41k Fresnel (w/BD and Scrims)
424”x36” Solid150’ #2 5-wire Feed4650w Fresnel (w/BD and Scrims)
224”x36” Single Net250’ 4/3 100a GPC4300w Fresnel (w/BD and Scrims)
224”x36” Double Net225’ 4/3 100a GPC22k Open Face (w/BD and Scrims)
124”x36” Silk250’ 6/3 60a GPC21k Open Face (w/BD and Scrims)
124”x36” Cucoloris (wood)225’ 6/3 60a GPC42k “Zip” Softlight (w/ Eggcrate)
418”x24” Solid850’ Edison26 5/8” Snoot Set (650w Fresnel)
218”x24” Single Net825’ Edison25” Snoot Set (300w Fresnel)
218”x24” Double Net6Cube Taps
218”x48” Cutter Solid2100a GPC M/ (2) 60a GPC F




2High Boy Roller1Baby Sidearm1Rolling Flag Box
1Sr. Brace Stand 2-rise (Mole)1Baby Offset1Rolling Grip Box
1Jr. Roller 3-rise18Baby Pipe Hanger
1Jr. Roller 2-rise6Baby Wall Plate
2Jr. Roller Low2Baby to Jr. Stud Adapter
5Baby Roller 3-rise2Baby to 3/8” Stud Adapter (Norms)
5Baby Roller 2-rise2Gaffer Grip w/ Stud
1240” C-Stand w/ H+A4Maffer Clamp w/ Stud
220” C-Stand w/ H+A1Jr. Sidearm
1Beefy Baby Baby1Jr. Offset
6Large Spring Clamps6Jr. Pipe Hanger
12Medium Spring Clamps2Jr. Wall Plate
6Small Spring Clamps1Jr. Stand Riser, 3’
1Crate of Wedges24” Grip Head
6Full Apple Box21.5” Pipe Ear
6Half Apple Box2Lowel Box Clamp
6Quarter Apple Box26” C-Clamp w/ Stud
6Sound Blankets28” C-Clamp w/ Stud
2Ladders (8’, 12’)28” C-Clamp w/ Jr. Receiver
3020lb. Sandbag2Bead Board Holder
2Fomecore Holder
1Tree Branch Holder
2Flex Arm w/ Maffer Clamp
2Ext. Hanger w/ Stirrup