Quasar Science Q-LED R-Rainbow RGBX Linear LED Lamps

Linear LED lamps with RGB+X-fade white light capability that come in 2′ and 4′ sizes.


The Q-LED Rainbow Linear LED Lamps come in 2′ and 4′ sizes and feature RGBX. These tube lamps can paint your world with vibrant saturated color and illuminate it with powerful white light from our 2000° Candlelight to 6000° Daylight Kelvin. The digital interface gives you command of Intensity, Kelvin, Hue & Saturation. Each lamp has a built in Lumen Radio CRMX chip for wireless control. The Rainbow can also be wired to DMX via Cat5 I/O Port. The lamp is Self Ballasted AC input utilizing Neutrik True1 locking connector as well as locking Barrel connector for DC input.


  • 2′ and 4′ options
  • X-fade White Light
  • RGB
  • Low Profile Shape
  • Control Panel
  • FX
  • DMX Port
  • Wireless Control
  • Lead / Follow Mode
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Self Ballasted AC Input
  • DC Battery option