Profoto Pro-8a Air

a rugged and reliable Profoto power pack.



Profoto Pro-8a Air is a power pack designed and built incorporating the suggestions of thousands of professional photographers and rental-house technicians. The Pro 8a is rugged, reliable and easy to use. Main power controls for each head are top and center. Levels are set in 0.1 stop increments with a flick of each knob, or in full stop increments by pushing down and turning each knob. Default readout is in stops, with “10” as full power. Readouts are seen temporarily in Watt/Seconds with a push of a button. Secondary controls for the modeling light, radio slave, recycle speed and audible recycle tone are visible from the top, but controlled from the sides.

The truly impressive features of this 2400 watt/second power pack are found in its performance. Profoto Pro-8a Air has extremely short recycle times which allow it to fire up to 20 times a second (stroboscopic). In addition, power and color fluctuations are not visible in the image to the human eye (±1/50 f/stop and ±40°K flash-to-flash, respectively).


  • Auto-dump
  • Dual fan cooled
  • Built-in proprietary Profoto Air radio slave system has a range of up to 1000′
  • Optical slave “sees” the light from other flashes, fires instantaneously
  • Two sync sockets enable “hard-wire” daisy-chaining of several power packs
  • USB port accepts the optional Profoto Air USB transceiver and software which enables full control of the system from your Mac or PC
  • Blink-of-an-eye 1/1600 second flash duration at full power
  • All-action-freezing 1/12,000 second flash duration at minimum power
  • 0.9 Second recycle time at full power
  • 0.05 Second recycling at minimum power
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