Porta-Jib Traveller

Lightweight and Portable Jib With Variable Arm Length

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The Porta-Jib Traveller is designed for videographers and 16mm cinematographers who need to travel light. Weighing only 29 lbs. (13.2kg), it supports 40 lbs. (18kg) of camera and fluid head. So compact, it folds up with no loose parts and fits into a baby tripod case. Its unique telescopic design allows it to work in constricted areas and also unfold to create a dramatic 6 foot lift. All moving parts are controlled by sealed precision ball bearings. Bubble levels are located on the center column and camera plate for easy levelling. With a weight ratio of less than one-to-one, and the sliding counterweight shaft for fine tuning, the arm can be balanced in a matter of seconds, with a limited number of counter weights. Since no chains, belts or cables are used, the Porta-Jib Traveller requires little maintenance. Boom friction and pan friction with variable drag are standard features.


  • 100mm tripod head
  • upright and underslung mounting capability
  • bubble levels on center column and camera plate
  • foldable, fitting into portable carrying case 8″x8″x31″

High Output Kit Includes:

  • 1 Main arm section
  • 1 Case
  • 1- 2 piece counterweight bar with 2 collars
  • 3 1⁄2” washer
  • 1 Base tie-down knob
  • 1 Threaded rod with endcaps
  • 5- 10lb weights
  • 2- 5lb weights