MDG Atmosphere APS

The world-famous ATMOSPHERE APS, the industry standard professional haze generator for almost two decades, is the perfect match for your lighting effects.

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The MDG ATMOSPHERE APS was designed with safety and reliability in mind. It is capable of generating pure white fog or haze for as long as you want (100% duty cycle). These generators are also equipped, as a standard feature, with the Automatic Purging System (APS). This system purges the heating module(s) after the first heating cycle and after every emission of fog preventing residual build up and clogging.

The MDG ATMOSPHERE APS is a non-stop haze generator capable of creating the finest and almost invisible mist. It highly emphasizes laser and light beams. It also features variable output.

At the heart of the MDG generator is an electronic assembly that keeps the heating module(s) at a very stable temperature which integrates three types of fail-safe systems. Those three types of electronic fail-safe systems are designed to protect against over and under-heating conditions and, against component failure.


  • Virtually noiseless, producing the finest haze with the longest hanging time
  • Lowest fluid consumption on the market: 55 ml (1.64 oz) per hour at 1.38 bar (20 psi)
  • Continuous or momentary haze emission. 100% duty cycle.
  • Automatic Purging System™ (aps™) to prevent build-up and clogging
  • Manual haze output: 0-100% haze output control from your regulator
  • Detachable remote control and 8m (26ft) cable included
  • Compatible with DMX interface and remote control timer