LiteGear VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon Hybrid

A ribbon of LED emitters, available in several different densities and widths.

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VHO Pro emitters are the first LEDs to bring high CRI, full spectrum color-correct white light to what we call low-output LED products. Typically reserved for high wattage and high cost LED fixtures, the new VHO Pro line brings color-correct white light into the affordable range.


  • Wide-angle, low profile LED emitters mounted to a flexible adhesive-backed circuit board which has cut points located after every 3 emitters
  • The simplest color-correct lighting product available, designed exclusively for cinema and TV production with just 3 simple components
  • Specifically formulated to render skin-tones beautifully; wide-angle output combined with ultra-low power consumption allows for precise control of daylight or tungsten balanced light
  • Hybrid models are tunable between 3200K and 6000K and provide full-spectrum color-correct light with a 120° output at only 0.16 watts each
  • Capable of full-range dimming without color shift
  • Powering LiteGear LED products is about as simple as it gets – LiteRibbon is simply 12v DC color-correct LEDs configured onto flexible material, cuttable and bussable from 1 inch to 16.4 feet
  • Available in two densities: hard, high-density 120 and soft, low-density 60. VHO 120 provides a concentrated, slightly “hard” output at about 1.5 watts per square inch. When more subdued light is required, VHO 60 provides a soft light output at just 0.37 watts per square inch