EZ FX Jib Arm

A lightweight, portable camera arm.

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The EZ FX Jib ArmĀ is a user friendly jib arm, suitable for field, studio, or multi camera productions. This lightweight, easy to set up jib provides 7′ of vertical camera lift, an arm length of 4′, and supports cameras up to 50 lb. It offers a wide range of camera movement producing smooth floating camera shots and simulated dolly moves. It can also be used to quickly frame up the camera into an infinite number of angles for still shots and save valuable production time.

The self-leveling invertible camera platform supports a wide range of camera formats and offers under slung camera mount option. The EZ FX Handle is a manual pan/tilt controller that allows you to produce compound jib shots with 4 different camera movements (lift, rotation, pan and tilt).


  • Drag for lift and rotation
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Under sling capability

High Output Kit Includes:

  • 1 case
  • 1- 100mm Ball receptacle
  • 2 Spring weight retainers
  • 1 Large washer
  • 1 Tie-down (for rear arm)
  • 1 EZ FX Pan/Tilt handle
  • 1 Manual, EZ FX
  • 1 Weight bar
  • 1- 1′ Level
  • 1 Tie-down (for tripod)
  • 1 Crate of weights