10 Ton Grip Trucks

Our 10 ton grip trucks can tackle any project! Call us today to find out which truck is right for you!


  • Large auto-leveling lift gate for easy loading and unloading
  • Custom shelved truck box
  • Tow capable
  • Tractor/Trailer option with 30-foot trailer
  • Pay-as-used expendables package
  • Large 3 phase on-board generator

10 Ton Grip Truck Package:


448"x48" Flop Down Solid624"x36" Solid618"x24" Solid
148"x48" Silk324"x36" Single Net318"x24" Single Net
648"x48" Open Trace Frame324"x36" Double Net318"x24" Double Net
236"x36" Open Trace Frame224"x36" Silk218"x24" Silk
224"x24" Open Trace Frame124"x36" Cucoloris (wood)118"x24" Cucoloris (wood)
148"x48" Single Net224"x36" Cucoloris (celo)218"x48" Cutter Solid
148"x48" Double Net224"x60" Cutter Solid1Dot + Finger Set
442" Silver American Reflector
120'x20' Set: Frame, Solid, Silk, Single, Double, Griff, Light Grid Cloth
112'x12' Set: Frame (2), Solid (2), Silk, Single, Double, Griff, Light Grid Cloth (2)
18'x8' Set: Frame, Solid, Silk, Single, Double, Griff, Light Grid Cloth
16'x6' Set: Frame, Solid, Silk, Single, Double, Griff, Light Grid Cloth


2High Boy Walker1440" C-Stand w/H+A5020lb. Sand bags
2High Boy Walker, Mombo 3 Rsie640" C-Stand (Sliding Leg) w/H+A2Crate of Wedges
3Baby Roller 2-Rise220" C-Stand w/H+A2Crate of Cribbing
3Baby Roller 3-Rise4Gobo Arm, 40"1Crate of Stepblocks
4Combo Stand 3-Rise12Full Apple Box12Spring Clamps, Large
6Combo Stand 2-Rise12Half Apple Box12Spring Clamps, Medium
2Combo Stand Low10Quarter Apple Box12Spring Clamps, Small
1Combo Jr. Boom Stand10Pancake Apple Box8Sound Blankets
6Beefy Baby 3-Rise14' Ladder65' Rubber Mats
6Beefy Baby 2-Rise16' Ladder1Sun Umbrella
2Beefy Baby Baby18' Ladder14' Level
2Jr. Roller 2-Rise112' Ladder6Track, Cadillac, Buckle
1Jr. Roller 3-Rise1Jr. Roller Low2Tree Branch Holder


2Baby Side Arm2Jr. Sidearm24" C-Clamp Plain
2Baby Offset2Jr. Offset26" C-Clamp Plain
6Baby Pipe Hanger2Jr. Pipe Hanger28" C-Clamp Plain
1Baby Triple Header2Jr. Wall Plate46" C-Clamp w/Stud
6Baby Wall Plate22x4 Ears28" C-Clamp w/Stud
2Cheeseboro, 1.5" Pipe Swivel22x4 Slider , Baby & Jr26" C-Clamp w/Jr. Receiver
4Baby to Jr. Stud Adapter22x4 Wall Buster (3-Piece)28" C-Clamp w/Jr. Receiver
1Swivel Baby/Jr. Stud Adapter12x4 Hanger Slip on w/Jr Rec'r1Pipe Ear, 1.5"
2Flex Arm w/Maffer Clamp21x3 Holder w/Stud2Bead Board Holder
4Baby to 3/8" Stud Adapter (Norms)23/4" Pipe Slider w/Jr. Receiver2Fomecore Holder
2Gaffer Grip w/Stud6Scissor Clip w/Stud1Jr Stand Rise 3'
8Maffer Clamp w/Stud6Scissor Clip w/Cable Hanger10Safety Cables
2Chain Vice w/Stud2Cardellini Center Jaw4Grip Head, 2.5"
1Lowel KG (Box) Grip2Cardellini End Jaw8Grip Head, 4"
112" Furniture Clamp w/Stud1Jr. Drop Down, 45 Deg124" Furniture Clamp w/Stud PIPE
124" Furniture Clamp w/Stud2TVMP


2Distro, 600a 3 Ph4Brkout: 100a M/(2) 60a GPC10Edison, 25'
2Adapt: Cam F/Cam F Solid44/3 100a, 25'10Edison, 50'
2Adapt: Cam M/Cam M Solid44/3 100a, 50'2Distro, 100a Woodhead
2Adapt: 100a Snake Bite14/3 100a, 5'2Distro, 60a Woodhead
5Feed: #2 5W, 50'26/3 60a, 25'2Distro, 100a Lunchbox
2Feed: #2 1W, 50'36/3 60a, 50'1Tie In: #2 BE Set, 5 F
1Feed: 4/0 5W, 5'1Siamese: 100aM/(2)100aF1Tie In: Trico Lg, (5) #2
1Variac, 2k10Siamese: Cam 2-Fer FFM Sld1Tie In: Trico Sm, (5) #2
2Siamese: Cam 2-Fer MMF Sld1Tie In: #2 BE Single F1Generator Sync Cable
2Ground Rod1Ground Rod C-Clamp13 Piece Spill Kit


24'x4'x3/4" Plywood21"x12"x12' Dolly Board44x8 1/4' Black ABS
44'x8'x3/4" Plywood62"x4"x12'61"x3"x12'
24'x8'x1/4" Masonite22"x12"x12'


1Super Duz-All Cart1Shovel6Bull Stakes
1Sledgehammer1Garden Hose1Hand Truck
1Handsaw6Low Director's Chair1Air pump (hand Style)
1First Aid Kit1Fire Extinguisher1Rake
1Broom1Cup Blocks - Set of 121Safety Triangle
1Leveling Board, 2x12 Pair10Road Cone, Medium


4300w Fresnel2Open Face 1k2Softlight, 1k Arri
4650w Fresnel4Open Face 2k4Softlight, 2k MOLE Zip
41000w Fresnel2Par 9 Light PAR 361Lowel K-5 Kit
42k Fresnel1Snoot, 5"1Snoot 7 3/4"
25k Fesnel1Snoot, 6 5/8"1Spare Lamp Kit