Williams Wedding

Northeast Harbor, ME

The Williams wedding at the beautiful Asticou Inn in Northeast Harbor, ME required four days of production setup. High Output provided many services for the event, including lighting, lighting design, extensive audio support, decorative lighting fixtures, heat for the main dining tent, and electrical distribution for the entire site.

Senior Project Manager Andrew Boucher described three of the audio systems used for the event. The first was for the ceremony, which “was miked with shotgun microphones, mounted inside of floral arrangements on the sides of the chuppah. The second was a small sound system for the jazz band in the cocktail tent. The third was a medium sized system for the full-sized wedding band, which included eight monitor mixes and eight channels of wireless.”


48Source Four White Lekos
40Source Four Pars
4Source Four Par Strip lights
148 x 2.4k ETC sensor touring rack
124 x 2.4k ETC Sensor Touring rack
10Custom made chandelier shades
10Black Brass 5-armed chandeliers w/ tent hanging hardware
25Polished cooper kerosene torches
2Custom assembled High Output front of house touring rack containing power conditioners, equalizers, playback decks, wireless microphone receivers, processing equipment and amplifiers.
132 channel Midas
1Monitor bridge
1Shure wireless microphone package
1Microphone package for 8 piece band
1Backline and stage for 8 piece band
1Shotgun microphone for ceremony
21000a twin trailer mounted film silent generators
715kw force air heaters with custom baffle cover
330kw force air heaters with custom baffle cover
110 way 600amp TL21 – 20 distribution unit
Over 4000’ of feeder cable
Over 4500’ of multi cable
Cam-Loc distribution equipment, disconnects, and distribution points