HUBweek 2017

Boston, MA

HUBweek 2017 was a festival to bring together the worlds of art, science and technology. Its purpose was to draw people from around the world to the greater Boston area based on the culture that Boston creates. Our mission in this was to create a unique and inviting environment to help expand on these ideas. Our creative team worked to implement lighting and video setups that were outside the box, as well as creative solutions for staging, audio, power distribution, and overall project coordination. The venue was at Boston City Hall Plaza, and the layout consisted of 80+ shipping containers and 6 geodesic domes arranged in a unique layout. We provided all production services for this space and at Faneuil Hall. We projected video onto the side of Boston City Hall and hung lighting fixtures and speakers in and around the entire site. We also installed various video solutions, including video walls, projection screens, and monitors for smaller spaces. In addition, our team provided all power to the site’s production and vendors. The event was hugely successful, largely due to the excellent communication and collaboration between our staff and the HUBweek team.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Lighting the main entrance area from the tops of shipping containers. We worked closely with CBT Architects and Lee Kennedy Construction to ensure rigging to the tops of sea containers would be functional and safe for all attendees. To light the area we implemented over 1000’ of Chauvet DJ Festoon lights. We also mapped these in order to produce cohesive color changes throughout the space.
  • Production within the Geodesic Domes. We faced overcame several challenges surrounding the construction of the domes, including a language barrier with Polish company FreeDomes (now OpenDomes) and inclement weather that pushed back our setup by a day. Despite this, we were able to accomplish everything within our deadlines. Audio reinforcement also proved challenging in the domes, given their unique acoustics. Our audio engineers were able to use their skills to overcome this, without adding additional costs for sound control.
  • Power and Distribution. Our Power and Distribution team was tasked with providing power to all site production elements, 50+ vendors, and the HUBweek onsite offices. The power needs were constantly changing, but our team was able to keep pace and provide timely solutions in every scenario.
  • Staffing. An event of this size requires a huge amount of manpower, and throughout the project High Output filled 528 individual staffing positions.

Notable Equipment

We purchased IP65 rated Elation Proteus Beam fixtures and Elation Paladin Wash fixtures specifically to solve the common challenge of lighting outdoor in inclement weather. This definitely paid off for HUBweek, as it allowed us to continue production through several days of rain.

Media Coverage


Core HO Team

Account Executives
Jim Hirsch
Jess Klarnet

Overall Site Project Manager
Dave Maclean

Assistant Project Manager
Jack Henault

Main Dome Manager
Jeremy Stark

Breakout Domes Manager
Dave Gannon

Lighting Designer
Graham Edmondson

Overall Site Video Lead
Jason Kaplan

Nick Venti

Power and Distribution Lead
Matthew Furman

Production Manager
Andrew Boucher

Production Coordinator
Danielle Clark