Hebrew Senior Life Groundbreaking

Dedham, MA

The Hebrew Senior Life Groundbreaking exemplifies our ability to find solutions and adjust to unforeseen challenges. The temperature was in the 80s and 90s during both load-in and the event. However, High Output was able to make the tent comfortable by using multiple HVAC trailers to drop the temperature inside the tent by about 20 degrees. The construction site location also provided some difficulty, but the High Output team was able to smoothly execute a flawless event despite location concerns and an excessive amount of dust!


18Source Four Lekos
40Source Four Pars
148 x 2.4k ETC sensor touring rack
12Custom Tent pole hangers
120'12”x12” aluminum trussing
61/2 ton chain motors with control packages
1ETC Express 24/48
1Exit signage and emergency lighting system
136 channel Mackie TT24 Audio Console
4EAW FR129Z Speaker with stands
1Custom assembled High Output Amplifier touring rack containing
32x 450w, 575w, 600w amplifiers
1Multi Snake and Press Box
1AT Wireless Microphone package
29’ x 12’ Rear Projection Screens
2Eiki x6a 6500 lumen DLP projector with lens kit
1Editrol Mixer 440 HD/SD 8x seamless switcher
130kva ISO transformer
1Camera and Sachtler tripod with DVCAM deck
11000a twin trailer mounted film silent generator
11400a trailer mounted film silent generator
11400a truck mounted film silent generator
135 ton trailer mounted HVAC units
125 ton trailer mounted HVAC unit
17 ton trailer mounted HVAC unit
110 way 600amp TL21 – 20 distribution unit
1200a 3 PH 277v/480v disconnect
Electrical and signal distribution
Over 2000’ of 2Ø feeder cable
Custom assembled High Output front of house touring rack containing power conditioners, equalizers, playback decks, wireless microphone receivers, processing equipment and amplifiers.