Cohen Bar Mitzvah

Boston, MA

Tasked with creating an over-the-top amusement park themed event, the High Output production team used animated lighting and video to successfully transform Intercontinental Hotel’s 10,000 square foot Rose Kennedy Ballroom into a festive and awe inspiring sight.

The unique event design called for a combination of LED and conventional lighting fixtures. The LED fixtures allowed our client greater flexibility by offering a wider choice of looks without the use of lifts or ladders. ColorBlazes with rotating colors and effects were used to light up the entryway and a nearby juggling performer. Color Kinetics ColorBlasts were used to provide accent lighting on truss structures that formed the backdrop to the stage.

Jess Klarnet, High Output’s director of theatre and special event production, explained why the use of LED was so imperative to the success of this event. “Using lots of light bulbs or neon would not be cost effective, nor would it fit within the given time restrains. Using the LED fixtures, we could evoke the same imagery while keeping within the time line. The flexibility of the LED allowed us to blend many different styles of lighting, all the while maintaining a unified theme with minimal power consumption and providing maximum impact.”

Load-in and set-up for this event had to be carefully planned, and the timing had to be coordinated down to the minute. Initiating an early start on the day before the event was key. On the day of the event, vendors of all types cascaded into the event space to set up tables, furniture, flowers, decor, activities, and food displays. High Output worked in conjunction with all of the vendors to complete the lighting, video, audio, and LED dance floor, and then take care of some last minute request, all within ample time to ensure that guest arrival was smooth and stress-free!


5VL 2000 Spot fixtures
6Clay Paky Alpha Spots 575w
2Martin 250+ moving heads
64ETC Source Four Leko and Pars
12CK TR series Color Blast 12
6CK 72" Color Blaze
36Par 46 Rainlight Pin Spots
2Wholehog II
124' x 24' LED Deck dance floor; Black Smoke Acrylic top
1Color Kinetic Video Engine with the Editrol PR80
24'x 4' LED Go-Go Platforms
1QSC Wideline Line Array
1Mackie TT24 36 channel Console
1Shure Wireless Microphone System
2Eiki X6A projectors
20'Circle Truss
275'Aluminum 12" box truss
91/2 ton Chain Motor plus control